YOUniversity Bound

Phenomenal Women of Power

There is no doubt that recognizing the feats of women is important. Their accomplishments empower us all.

In honor of the contribution of women, let's come together to celebrate the achievements of phenomenal women who through their actions continue to make “herstory” inextricably intertwined to history. Phenomenal women are proof positive that women are instrumental and essential to constructing a better world. Like Audrey Cohen, founding president of Metropolitan College of New York. who made it possible for women from underserved communities to attain the knowledge and skillfulness to revive their communities, others are unsung (s)heroes in the community, also. 

If you know of a woman who deserves to be recognized for contributions to her community and society at large, nominate her to be recognized as a Phenomenal Woman. Nominees must be present at breakfast award's ceremony. Nominations close end of March. Candidates will be contacted by email by end of April.