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The women being honored at the Phenomenal Women of Power Breakfast have made a significant contribution to shaping modern life and ensuring “her-story” is not discounted. The breakfast is a conversation for women, about women and by women. It is guaranteed to empower each of us as women to push back against gender biases, stagnant social and professional roles, and objectification. The conversation will enable us to tear down walls of injustice, bigotry and fear, so that we can build a community that mirrors our best selves.  

If it were not for women like Audrey Cohen, the founder of Metropolitan College of New York, being steadfast in her efforts to see women play a pivotal role in changing their circumstance and that of their family and community, many women would have been stuck living below the poverty line more than fifty years ago. Today, women are infiltrating every aspect of human life with great skill and intellect. They are proof that we, women, are an instrumental and essential part of making this world a better place. A place that is free of harm, hate and bigotry. And so, the accomplishments of women whose actions spur change be recognized at the Phenomenal Women of Power Breakfast hosted by Metropolitan College of New York and YOUniversity Bound, LLC.

Join the conversation as we impart insightful perspectives and recognize the valiant actions of women. The breakfast benefits the Dr. Melvin I. Douglass Scholarship Fund for Urban Education at MCNY. 

​We look forward to your participation. Each year the conversation is rich, relevant and inspiring.  Scholarship tickets can be purchased at https://bit​.ly/2hI5rR3.


It is our belief that in order for our young men to

reach their greatest heights they have to believe

they are worthy and capable. We believe it starts

with a positive identity.

Men , who are the epitome of success and who

can act as mentors, are not always accessible to

those in the most need of guidance and support.

The Call Me Sir Conference puts

accomplished men, whom we call Sir, face to face

with aspiring young men for the purpose of    

dialoging,  mentoring, and modeling success. 

Call Me Sir Conference


September 23, 2017

9 AM - 12 PM

Metropolitan College of New York

60 West Street

Register at

Dr. Melvin Douglass, Dr. Vinton Thompson, Assemblyman Chad Lupinacci and Dr. Gay Bullock 

YOUniversity Bound and Assemblyman Lupinacci

Observe Education Week




NOVEMBER 11, 2017

YOUniversity Bound’s cutting edge style has kept it in the forefront of educational innovation and reform. YOUniversity Bound is not afraid of thinking outside of the box when it comes to setting new trends and exploring new topics that are designed to change the way educators’ approach teaching and learning. It’s forward thinking strategies to improve education resulted in the establishment of a conference entitled: “Intellectual Entrepreneurship: The Business of Schools.” This conference marked the annual celebration of the National Education Association’s American Education Week, which runs from November 16-20, 2015, and provided New Yorkers with a wonderful opportunity to focus on issues facing public school education.

 The purposeful conference was held at the Hilton on Long Island and it was opened with remarks from Assemblyman Chad A. Lupinacci, who is the ranking member on the Committee on Higher Education. He shared his perspective with the gathering: “I applaud the YOUniversity Bound program, as programs of this nature are truly some of our community’s greatest assets.” Assemblyman Lupinacci’s service in the field of education was recognized by YOUniversity Bound and Metropolitan College of New York presented him with the President’s Award.

The Intellectual Entrepreneurship conference was moderated by YOUniversity Bound’s Dr. Gay Bullock, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Dr. Bullock posed questions to the panelists that were thought provoking and relevant.

The event was sponsored by the Alpha Sigma Boulé Foundation, the Golden Krust Foundation, the Daily Challenge Group, Danforth Development Partners LLC and, in conjunction with, Metropolitan College of New York.