YOUniversity Bound
Purchase Advertisement Space Basic Package $30.00 USD Deluxe Plus Package $730.00 USD

Deluxe Plus package

The Dollar-a-Day Advertisement Campaign deluxe plus package includes the first two offerings and advertisement on the YOUniversity Bound Channel and YOUniversity Bound event programs. The deluxe plus package is only $730 for one year..

Deluxe Package

The Dollar-a-Day Advertisement Campaign Deluxe Package will include the basic package and a banner measuring 24” X 63” in size with support stand. The banner will show the image, brand or logo of the business. It will be displayed at major events hosted by Y.B. Within a year, numerous organizations and people would have viewed the banner. As a result, your business website traffic should greatly increase. The minimum purchase for banner advertisement is only $365 for one year. 

Basic Package

A fantastic opportunity for large and small businesses! The Dollar-a-Day Advertisement Campaign basic package is an inexpensive way to promote a business or service. For $1 a day your business card will be placed in our advertisement section and linked to your web address for a minimum of 30 days. All business card information will be posted in

Dollar-a-Day Advertisement