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Elementary/Secondary School Consulting


If you are in grades 6-12, you can become a YOUniversity Bound Scholar after successful completion of Scholar's Program. The Scholars Program is designed to enhance academic performance and college preparedness. 

YOUniversity Bound


If you work in an educational institution as an instructional leader, you can have members of your school become YOUniversity Bound Fellows after successful completion of Fellow's Program.  The program is designed to change educational mindsets and influence instructional models. Program leaders are distinguished in the field of education. 
Become a YOUniversity Bound Fellow
Become a YOUniversity Bound Scholar

YOUniversity Bound is an educational consulting firm that uses multiple approaches to raise the level of academic productivity among all stakeholders.

YOUniversity Bound provides clients with assistance designing equitable educational environments that prepare students for higher education. By carefully assessing the unique needs of each client, YB designs and implements customized programs that support the professional and/or educational growth of the client.

YOUniversity Bound provides a comprehensive approach to solving educational concerns. We begin our partnership with new clients completing a comprehensive needs assessment that is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the client's current operating condition. Based on the findings of the comprehensive assessment, YB develops a tailored program that enhances the strengths and diminishes weaknesses so the client can operate efficiently and effectively. 
YOUniversity Bound is dedicated to assisting educators and students reach their potential. The goals of the company are twofold: make college a viable option for all students and serve as a conduit to getting students to college. Our mission is to increase substantially the number of students who are graduating from high school and attending college.  


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